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re: App: Dakotagl

The application submitted by Dakotagl is as follows:

What is your character name?:

How old are you?:

Where are you located? Specifically, which Time Zone do you live in? PST? EST?:

We raid every Monday and Tuesday night from 7:30pm until 10:30pm server time. Are you confident that you can make raid 90% of the time every month?:

What level are you?:

Please log out in your PvE gear and link your armory profile.:

Which professions does your character know and are they maxed?:
Herb and Mining, yes.

How did you hear about Interdictor?:

Are you currently in a guild?:

If you are, what is the Name and website of your current Guild and why applying to Interdictor?:
I just left a guild that fell apart, Cadia. I'm applying because there aren't many guilds that raid two days a week, late night (CST), but more importantly, I'm looking for an amazing community and progression raiding guild. I was a part of Epitome of Spirestone back in WoTLK, also playing SWtOR, so reading your profile brought back some memories.

Which sites are you reading for your Class specific information?:
99% I read and participate in Druid discord.

Do you/have you play/played any other MMO games?:

Which role do you usually find yourself filling when playing an MMORPG? Does that differ from what you find applying for with our guild?:
Tank, no.

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